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Banshi is a Corporate Information Technology Consultants, which provide services to every organization. Banshi has an experience in implementing various IT solutions in various companies.

An IT consultant is the individual or organization that sells professional advice and expertise in business and computer technology to companies. They can be specialized in a given business domain or general business management strategies. We are not just a great business partner but also a valuable IT solution provider who is there 24/7 to offer support and keep systems running. For every company, having a complete and updated intranet with business information is vital. The intranet of a company contains all the data that is related to their employees. A good intranet will help employees connect to each other and the organization in ways such as requests, policies, schedules and announcements.

Banshi Corporate Information Technology Consultants services to every organization. We have a team of certified and skilled professionals to do consultation on software, web and mobile app development. We provide customized software application design and development services along with quality assurance testing to ensure the smooth functionality across all devices for our valuable clients. Also, we have a team of creative graphic design experts and content writers that can help you to come up with attractive designs along with quality content for your website.


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We are a leading service provider in IT solutions, business consulting and management. Our expert team of professionals are highly experienced and skilled to deliver high quality of services to clients at affordable prices. We have delivered our services to business organizations across the globe.

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Founded in 2013 by a group of professionals with extensive business experience, Banshi has established itself as an independent firm with the mission of providing high quality, specialized professional services to multinationals, mid-size companies and small businesses in Kolkata. With a focus on building long-term relationships, our goal is to become trusted advisors to our clients. We offer a complete range of services from tax and accounting consulting, banking and auditing to strategic management. We are well positioned to assist you at every stage of your business cycle.