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Banshi Financial Advisory is a corporate financial advisory firm offering unique financial advisory and consulting services to SMEs and MNCs in India. Banshi team of financial advisors offers expertise in areas like Investment banking, Merger & Acquisition (M&A), Corporate Restructuring, Private Equity, Corporate Finance and strategy to name a few. which helps the interested people on various financial topics like investment planning, insurance and tax planning. Banshi provides their services through their expert advisors and professionals. Banshi is a licensed financial services firm running the business in the capacity of investment banking, investment advisory, fund management, mutual funds and private equity activities. Banshi Professional and management consultants private limited by Banshidhar Pramank.

Banshi Financial Advisory is a professional company that offers a full range of corporate financial services. We help to identify, analyze and solve complex issues in order to achieve the goal of optimizing your investment portfolio. Our goal is to create long-term relationships through quality service and innovation. Let us help you find the answers to your business questions.

Banshi Financial Advisory is a full service Corporate Financial Consultants and Financial Planners based in Kolkata. We offer independent financial advice to small, medium businesses and large corporations by combining variety of services that include corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, project financing, business planning, capital structure planning etc. Our clients include large enterprises, Industries and Groups etc.


Looking for a financial consultant for your corporate need? Banshi Financial Advisory is a leading financial advisory firm in India. We help new businesses and existing business to grow and operate efficiently in a dynamic environment. We also help individuals to plan and manage their finances.

Banshi Financial Advisory, a one-stop solution for all your financial problems. From 3 lakhs to 30 crores, Banshi Financial Advisory can provide you with the perfect solution for any amount of money. We also undertake insurance, debt recovery, property management and corporate finance. Call us today on 7003513864 and we will help you sort out your financial problems.

Corporate Financial Consultants. Banshi Financial Advisory is one of the top rated financial advisory companies in India. With a wide network of corporate finance specialists, we are able to assist you with any and all financial needs that your business may have including Audit, Taxation and Consulting services. Our clients include blue chip companies as well as privately held businesses from various industries.

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Founded in 2013 by a group of professionals with extensive business experience, Banshi has established itself as an independent firm with the mission of providing high quality, specialized professional services to multinationals, mid-size companies and small businesses in Kolkata. With a focus on building long-term relationships, our goal is to become trusted advisors to our clients. We offer a complete range of services from tax and accounting consulting, banking and auditing to strategic management. We are well positioned to assist you at every stage of your business cycle.